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Improv Comedy for Rochester, NY   Greenovation Theater, 1199 E Main St, Rochester, NY, 14609 |    |    (585) 797-9086
Village Idiots, Rochester NY's Improv Comedy
​Running a weekly improv comedy show is great fun, but takes a lot of work! If you want to be part of something awesome in Rochester, we're looking for...

CREW (ages 15+)
  • Managers: House / Stage / Box
  • Tech: Light / Sound
  • Greeters / Ushers / Photographers

CAST (ages 17+)
  • Actors & Comedians
  • Sketch Writers
  • Singers
  • Musicians: Keyboardists & Guitarists

Opportunities to perform, Free tickets to shows, Scholarships for classes, Community service hours, Internships, Letters of recommendation, and Future work references

It takes a village...
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Irwin Harris & Cris Peters
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If you want to volunteer or make a donation...