Village Idiots Improv Comedy--Rochester, NY: Classes & Auditions
for ages 17+

The Village Idiots curriculum is based on the principle that anyone can learn to fully express their head, heart, body, and breath in spontaneously comedic ways. This holistic approach is one of the best ways to become a confident performer. 

If you are over 17, and have at least two years of improv experience, you can audition for the troupe as an ensemble member.

for ages 12-16 
Call 585-797-9086 for more information. 
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Auditions
If you can either sing or play music, then we will consider auditioning you for our improvised musical team. 
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Classes & Auditions
Improv Comedy for Rochester, NY      Greenovation Theater, 1199 E Main St, Rochester, NY, 14609    |    |    (585) 797-9086
Village Idiots, Rochester NY's Improv Comedy
"Most fun you'll have being an Idiot! Combination skills class and just pure entertainment. Classes are neat and useful in skills that you'll use in everyday life. Most entertaining instruction imaginable. Worth twice the money."
~Crispin P
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Level 2: Comedic Scenes
Level 0: Improv Basics
For Members Level 3 And Above