Village Idiots Improv Comedy--Rochester, NY: Shows & Tickets
Shows & Tickets
The Village Idiots is going on an indefinite hiatus, so what better way to go out than ushering in Armageddon!  This show will be a mix of long form and short form, and feature several former members coming back for one last party before the end!  Tickets are $5 sold here or at the door.
Different teams within the Village Idiots create unique, experimental improv shows that blend various styles of comedy into a night of extraordinary performances. Not to be missed.
Improv Comedy for Rochester, NY       Greenovation Theater, 1199 E Main St, Rochester, NY, 14609     |    |    (585) 797-9086
Village Idiots Improv Comedy, Rochester NY
Going Away Show: "Unnatural Disaster"
Village Idiots Improv "Mystery Gift"
An ensemble of Rochester actors perform in a show of comedic scenes and games based on audience suggestions. All shows are highly-interactive and are great for a fun night out. While there is no age restriction, shows are generally rated PG-15. We guarantee that will enjoy the show or you will get your money back!
We do not ship tickets; all tickets are held at the box office.
Village Idiots, Rochester NY's Improv Comedy
Show Times
Show Times
"These idiots are some of the best in town..."
~Deb Schleede
(City Paper, 8/26/09)
"We had fun both times that we went. We laughed a lot and marveled at the performers' ability to make something up on the spot. I give the Idiots a lot of credit for creativity, courage and humor!" 
~Kathleen F
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The Village Idiots bring you three mega improv shows that celebrate the death of 2014, and the unfulfilled potential that is 2015. Laughs! Prizes! Resolutions!
Village Idiots "New Year's Eve"
BONUS: As per tradition, after the last show, the Village Idiots ring in the New Year by exploding Diet Coke bottles with Mentos candy at the stroke of Midnight. Come join the fun and mess!
COMING UP: 2/14/15 The Village Idiots create a night of music and mayhem for who believe in the power of love AND for those would rather not.
Online ticket sales are now closed. Remaining tickets can be purchased at the door for $20. The 7:30pm show is sold out.