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Rochester, NY's only weekly improv comedy show is an improv competition where the players "fight" for the audience's affection. (Just like childhood!) This show is highly audience-interactive, and is based on audience suggestions and scores. Perfect for those who have never seen improv before, first dates, birthday parties and bachelor/bachelorette celebrations.
The awarding-winning improv comedy team, Plan B, returns with their unique brand of irreverent, zany comedy back for one night only!
Improv Comedy for Rochester, NY        Bread and Water Theater, 172 W Main St, Rochester, NY, 14614    |    |    (585) 797-9086
An ensemble of Rochester actors perform in a show of comedic scenes and games based on audience suggestions.  All shows are highly-interactive and are great for a fun night out. While there is no age restriction, shows are generally rated PG-15. We guarantee that will enjoy the show or you will get your money back!
We do not ship tickets; all tickets are held at the box office. 
Village Idiots, Rochester NY's Improv Comedy
Show Times
Show Times
"These idiots are some of the best in town..." 
~Deb Schleede 
(City Paper, 8/26/09)
WARNING: Their shows have been so funny that they have caused an audience member to laugh so hard that she had to go to the emergency room--twice!  
"We had fun both times that we went. We laughed a lot and marveled at the performers' ability to make something up on the spot. I give the Idiots a lot of credit for creativity, courage and humor!"  
~Kathleen F
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