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Improv Comedy for Rochester, NY
Village Idiots, Rochester NY's Improv Comedy
About Us 
The Village Idiots is an improv comedy troupe comprised of local Rochester, NY talent. They stay busy all year long by:
  • performing shows,
  • offering improv comedy and acting classes,
  • hosting improv comedy competitions, and
  • ​exploding Diet Coke/Mentos every New Year's Eve!

The Upstage Theater
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Irwin Harris & Eric Kohl
The Village Idiots
The Upstage Theater is located on the second floor of Village Gate. This black box theater seats 40 people, and there is no age restriction. Concessions include: coffee, soda, candy bars, chips, and other high-fructose corn syrup products. 
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: James Battaglia
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Hobert Thompson
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Michael Anthony & Lara Fleming
Also, there are several restaurants/bars below the theater. We always recommend making an evening of it by dining at one of our awesome neighbors, in addition to seeing a show. 
BYOB. You are allowed to bring alcohol into the theater and drink responsibly, if you behave. But, of course, management reserves the right to remove unruly patrons. 
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Swithun No
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Brian Calmes & Don Beechner
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Irwin Harris & Cris Peters
  • The Gate House Cafe
  • Espada Brazilian Steak House
  • Salena's Mexican Restaurant
  • Lento Restaurant
  • California Rollin' Sushi
  • Get Caked Bakery
  • Good Luck Restaurant
  • The Dark Horse Cafe
What happened to the Pillar Theater? 

Since its inception in 2008, the Village Idiots have always been based in the Village Gate Square. In 2010, we moved down from the third floor (Studio) to the first floor (Pillar Theater). It was called the Pillar Theater because, there was a giant, obtrusive pillar in the middle of the stage. By the end of 2013, due to reasons beyond our control we were moved out of that location and into a similar one on the 2nd floor of Village Gate... now the Upstage Theater. It is the same great cast and experience, but much less pillar. 
As Rochester, NY's improv comedy source, we specialize in offering quality entertainment, affordable improv classes, and recruiting a diverse cast of talent.
Village Idiots
585-797-9086  *  Village.Idiots.Improv@gmail.com  * Bread & Water Theater, 172 W. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14614