The Village Idiots are an improv comedy troupe comprised of local Rochester, NY talent. They stay busy all year long by:

Our Story, Our Travels
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Irwin Harris & Eric Kohl
The Village Idiots
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Hobert Thompson
The VIP Studio was our original home, initially located on the third floor of Village Gate. It was a cozy studio where all the magic began. 

After a space on the first floor opened up, we migrated to what would become our longest-lasting venue to date, The Pillar Theater. It was called the Pillar Theater because we signed the lease before realizing that there was a giant, unmovable  pillar in the middle of the stage. As evidenced to the left, that poor pillar received its fair share of molestation. 
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Michael Anthony & Lara Fleming
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Brian Calmes & Don Beechner
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Irwin Harris & Cris Peters
The Village Idiots practice and perform improv comedy at the Bread & Water Theatre, where they have been artists in residence since June of 2014.

This black box theater seats 30 people comfortably, and there is no age restriction. 

Concessions include: coffee, soda, candy bars, chips, and other high-fructose corn syrup products.
The Venue
Street parking is free after 6pm on weekdays, and every weekend and holidays. Additionally, there is a parking lot with over 100 spots to the immediate right of the building. In this lot, parking is free after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends for patrons of the Bread & Water Theatre.
By the end of 2013, however, due to reasons beyond our control, we moved out of that location and moved into a similar one on the 2nd floor of Village Gate which was a short-lived adventure we called The Upstage Theater. While further problems with our landlord persisted, we bid adieu to Village Gate and tried different venues and rehearsal spaces until...

We became artists in residence at the Bread & Water Theatre ​company. Now we're now back in shape and do weekly performances and monthly classes in the spacious venue that used to be the Downstairs Cabaret Theater #2. Let the stupidity commence!
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Village Idiots, Rochester NY's Improv Comedy
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: James Battaglia
Village Idiot's Improv Comedy Rochester: Swithun No

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